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  • jeffingoff
    That's a gem!!!

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  • Marmaduke Grigsby
    It turned out beautifully! The way you had them framed is perfect. Awesome!

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  • mhatchett
    Looks great!!

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  • Ben Staad
    Looks very nice. Congrats!

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  • TacomaDiver
    As promised - here are some pictures of how this project turned out.

    I struggled with deciding on how to get it framed, but one Sunday afternoon I had a great idea - what if I framed the two paintings together just like they appeared in the book? So that's exactly what I did.

    Here's the pages as they appear in the book:

    The two original paintings are floating in the frame to make the art pop a bit more, plus since none of the art is obscured, you can still see all of all the bits that were lost when they were printed in the book.

    I tried to match the frame with the color of the book's cover - and I think I did a pretty good job of that, especially with the gold elements.

    This project exceeded my expectations - I really love how this turned out and can't wait to begin hanging up all of my art in my office/den finally. It's only a been a year with bare walls afterall . . .

    Originally posted by TacomaDiver View Post
    Back in May, I had the opportunity to grab the original artwork for the letter G painting of The Mouse Guard Alphabet - artwork by Serena Malyon. Each letter of the alphabet featured a painted "spot" illustration, and then a fully painted page of what the letter represented. A is for Aviary. B is for Black Axe, etc.

    Here's a poster of all the letters (I grabbed one at ECCC in 2018 that I always forget I have):

    The G was cool because it's the initial of my last name, and I thought it would look really nice framed up.

    It never got framed. Which might have been a good thing.

    A couple of weeks ago, the accompanying full page page painting was offered for sale, but I had a hard time justifying the price. Well, the other day, the price was lowered quite significantly, and after working with the seller to negotiate even lower, I was able to purchase the painting!

    So now I really need to get these two framed because I own the set.

    G is for Guardmouse.
    (The blue tape is just keeping the sleeve closed - it's not on the painting.)

    And what it looks like in the book:

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