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    Those Black Static covers are beautiful!


      Cool stuff! Great choice of ebooks by the way.


        Thanks guys. Here is another round of Black Static covers for you, and a list of stories within each issue for anyone interested.

        Issue 7
        The Reason For The Season by Bruce Holland Rogers
        The Hodag by Trent Hergenrader
        Blood God Blood by Eric Gregory
        The Talent Girl by Daniel Kaysen
        Pages From A Broken Book by Tony Richards
        The Deep Walker by Alison J. Littlewood
        Bait by David Sakmyster
        Includes Q&A with Tim Lebbon

        Issue 8
        At The Gates by Patrick Samphire
        These Things We Have Always Known by Lynda E. Rucker
        Noppero-bo by Steve Rasnic Tem
        There's Something Wrong With Pappy by James Cooper
        The Book Of Ruth by Steven Pirie
        Taking on Life by Gary Fry
        Includes Q&A with Simon Clark

        Issue 9 (Another brilliant cover!)
        The Lonely Heart by Aliette De Bodard
        The Plain by Tim Lees
        Haunt-Type Experience by Roz Clarke
        The Pain Of Blue Eyes by Daniel Kaysen
        Changeling by Al Robertson
        Fear by Stephen Volk
        Includes Q&A with Tony Richards

        Issue 10
        Piano Man by Christopher Fowler
        The Chair by Gary McMahon
        Washer Woman by Scott Lambridis
        Vic by Maura McHugh
        Because Your Blood Is Darker Than Mine by James Cooper
        Eastlick by Shannon Page
        Includes Q&A with Thomas Ligotti

        Issue 11
        De Profundis by Al Robertson
        None Had Sharp Teeth by Will McIntosh
        The Likeness by Lawrence Conquest
        Served Cold by Gary Couzens
        Off With The Furies by Daniel Kaysen
        Red Ribbons by Stephanie Briggs
        Includes Q&A with Steve Mosby

        Issue 12
        My Brother's Keeper by Nina Allan
        Bryson Feeds Families by T. F. Davenport
        Flatrock Sunners by Sarah Totton
        Stone Whispers by Tim Casson
        Charles by Steve Rasnic Tem
        Unearthed by Kim Lakin-Smith
        Includes Q&A with Gary A. Braunbeck

        I'll be back shortly with some more. In the meantime it's back to the NaNo novel as I'm still owing 1500 words for the day!

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          Some of those covers are real creepy.Love them.


            Black Static series looks awesome!

            And....some of those "Unexplained" posts from earlier - some of the pics you extracted and posted remind me so much of a book I had when I was a kid (lat '70's early '80s), that was about "monsters" - and touched on stuff like yeti, kraken (not the black rum), etc.


              Great covers indeed!


                Thanks again, guys. I'm glad you're enjoying the Black Static covers. There are a couple of humdingers in this post too, specfically issues #13 and #14. (I'd also recommend checking out covers from past issues of their sister magazine Interzone. Some of them are simply stunning.)

                I'm also glad to have given you a few flashbacks, TJ. Putting The Unexplained posts together was a lot of fun and something of a trip down memory lane for me too! In fact parts of it influenced my Cemetery Dance submission, Flood Warning. (Keep them fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed for me, folks!)

                Okay, I've hit 60K on the NaNo novel so I think I'll wind down with a few more covers, this time #13 - #18:

                Issue 13
                Cuckoos by Tim Lees
                The Shadow Keeper by Kim Lakin-Smith
                Dead Loss by Carole Johnstone
                Some Of Them Fell by Joel Lane
                My Secret Children by James Cooper
                Includes Q&A with Joel Lane

                Issue 14
                We, Who Live In The Wood by Paul Finch
                The Eleventh Day by Christopher Fowler
                Hootchie Cootchie Man by Maurice Broaddus
                Survivor's Guilt by Roseanne Rabinowitz
                Teen Spirit by Gary McMahon
                Includes Q&A with Gary McMahon

                Issue 15
                Eight Small Men by James Cooper
                The Knitted Child by Simon Kurt Unsworth
                Maximum Darkness by Alan Scott Laney
                Babylon's Burning by Daniel Kaysen
                Death By Water by Sarah Singleton
                Includes Q&A with Alexandra Sokoloff

                Issue 16
                The Overseer by Tim Casson
                Extreme Latitude by M. G. Preston
                One Last Wild Waltz by Mike O'Driscoll
                The Empty Spaces by Alison J. Littlewood
                The Moon Will Look Strange by Lynda E. Rucker
                Includes Q&A with Sarah Pinborough

                Issue 17
                Zombie Cabana Boy by Suzanne Palmer
                Three-Legged Bird by Vylar Kaftan
                The Lady In Tigris by Daniel Kaysen
                Faces In Walls by John Shirley
                + 10 winning flash fiction stories from Christopher Fowler & Maura McHugh's Campaign For Real Fear
                Includes Q&A with John Connolly

                Issue 18
                Orinoco by Nina Allan
                Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Carole Johnstone
                A Man Of Ice And Sorrow by Simon Jurt Unsworth
                The Obscure Bird by Nicholas Royle
                Tu Sufrimiento Shall Protect Us by Mercurio D. Riviera
                + 10 more winning flash fiction stories from the Campagin For Real Fear
                Includes Q&A with Adam Nevill

                If any of the issues pique your interest you might like to know that many of them are still available from Black Static's website: or from BBR Online:

                I shall return with some more covers soon. Laters!
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                The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                  Okay, peeps, here are the last set of Black Static covers for a little while as I'm waiting for two back issues to arrive. These covers aren't quite as dynamic as the previous 18, opting instead to show a sliver of artwork found in the magazine, but as all good horror stories will tell you it's what's inside that matters.

                  Issue 19
                  They Will Not Rest by Simon Clark
                  Chain Reaction by Steve Rasnic Tem
                  The Sleep Mask by Joel Lane
                  Beachcombing by Ray Cluley
                  The Wound Dresser by Lavie Tidhar
                  Includes Q&A with Stephen Jones

                  Issue 20
                  The Compartments Of Hell by Paul Meloy and Sarah Pinborough
                  Going Home, Ugly Stick In Hand by Nate Southard
                  The Covered Doll by Norman Prentiss
                  The Wounded House by Barbara A. Barnett
                  At Night, When The Demons Come by Ray Cluley

                  Issue 21
                  Ulterior Design by V. H. Leslie
                  Pins And Needles by Ray Cluley
                  Water by Maura McHugh
                  Extraneous Invokat by Ed Grabianowski
                  Cushing by James Cooper
                  Includes Q&A with Angela Slatter

                  Issue 22
                  The Salt of Eliza by Alan Wall
                  Durgen's Party by Tim Lees
                  Black Feathers by Alison J. Littlewood
                  This Is Mary's Moon by Steven Pirie
                  Child by Simon Kurt Unsworth
                  Includes Q&As with Steven Pirie and Tim Lees

                  Issue 23
                  Time Keeping by V. H. Leslie
                  For Their Own Ends by Joel Lane
                  Electric Dreams by Carole Johnstone
                  Hail by Daniel Kaysen
                  The Harvesting Of Jackson Cade by Robert Davies
                  Includes Q&A with Tom Fletcher

                  Issue 24
                  Recently Used by Ramsey Campbell
                  Dermot by Simon Bestwick
                  How The Sixties Ended by Tim Lees
                  Still Life by Simon McLaffery
                  A Summer's Day by K. Harding Stalter
                  Includes Q&A with Kaaron Warren
                  The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                  Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                  ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                    #15 and #18 both are rather disturbing to me more then the others.Very nice additions.


                      Sorry, guys, I've not updated this in a while. Here are a couple of posts that bring the Black Static covers up to date. Hopefully I'll have issue 33 slapping my doormat tomorrow.

                      Issue 25
                      About The Dark by Alison Littlewood
                      The Curtain Parts by Christopher Fowler
                      The Travellers Stay by Ray Cluley
                      Best. Summer. Ever. by Nathaniel Tapley
                      The Holy Spear by Barbara A. Barnett
                      Includes Q&A with D.F. Lewis

                      Issue 26
                      I Have Heard The Mermaids Singing by Ray Cluley
                      Remains by Gary McMahon
                      The Demon Laplace by Mark Rigney
                      The Monster of Venice by Carole Johnstone
                      Dizzy Land by Andrew Hook

                      Issue 27
                      The Churn by Simon Bestwick
                      Empty Of Words, The Page by Gord Sellar
                      The Little Things by Jacob Ruby
                      Family Tree by V. H. Leslie
                      Cuckoo Spit by Stephen Bacon
                      Includes Q&A with Alison Littlewood

                      Issue 28
                      The Pest House by Carole Johnstone
                      Cracks by Jon Ingold
                      The Ballad Of Boomtown by Priya Sharma
                      The Messenger by Joel Lane
                      Pale Limbs by Daniel Kaysen
                      Includes Q&A with Christopher Fowler
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                      The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                      Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                      ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                        And a piccy for issues 29-32. A smaller format, but a cool redesign and some really excellent covers courtesy of Ben Baldwin and Richard Wagner.

                        Issue 29
                        Sunshine by Nina Allan
                        Horseman by Renee Carter Hall
                        Chodpa by Baph Tripp
                        Shark! Shark! by Ray Cluley
                        The Counterweight by Tim Lees
                        Includes Q&A with Nicholas Royle

                        Issue 30
                        The Pig Farm by James Cooper
                        All Change by Ray Cluley
                        The Wayside Voices by Daniel Mills
                        Recurrence by Susan Kim
                        Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling by Carole Johnstone
                        The Orphan And The Bad, Bad Monkey by David Kortok

                        Issue 31
                        Barbary by Jackson Kuhl
                        Sister by Sean Padraic Birnie
                        The Perils Of War According To The Common People Of Hansom Street by Steven Pirie
                        The Things That Get You Through by Steven J. Dines
                        Skein And Bone by V. H. Leslie
                        Two Houses Away by James Cooper

                        Issue 32
                        The Withering by Tim Casson
                        Love As Deep As Bones by Ilan Lerman
                        The Death Drive Of Rita, Nee Carina by Ray Cluley
                        The Anatomist's Mnemonic by Prima Sharma
                        Black Sun by Drew Rhys White
                        What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Z------ by Lavie Tidhar
                        Bedtime Story by Steve Rasnic Tem
                        Includes Q&A with Steve Rasnic Tem

                        I've also been buying most every genre fiction book I can find in Waterstones lately, and a few others besides. I'll post a few in due course.

                        I'm also attending this year's World Fantasy Convention, so will hopefully have some cool autographed copies to flaunt.
                        The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                        Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                        ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                          (Towards the end of the year, that is!)
                          The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                          Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                          ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                            So with the World Fantasy Convention less than three months away, let's have a butchers at my signing pile, shall we?

                            At this rate I'll need to book a second hotel room...
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                            The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                            Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                            ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                              Oh, lordy. Then there's this little lot...

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                              The home of your least humble servant, Mr Poll:
                              Then, of course, there's the Twitter thing: @LucianPoll
                              ...oh, and the Facebook thing too:


                                Great looking additions. I love (love, love, love) the cover for Echo City.
                                Looking for the fonting of youth.