As some here may know, I Tweet a set of pics every day (well, I try for every day, anyhow) of some item from my 3000-plus book collection...might be a signed/limited, might be a rare signed 1st trade, might be a cool Paperbacks From Hell -type horror paperback, might be...well, you get the idea. I do realize, however, that some folks here are probably not on Twitter so may not see them.

Having just realized I can copy a direct link to a Tweet (with clickable photos), I thought I'd use this thread to note any particularly special Tweets of cool books that folks here might like to see. I won't litter the board with alerts of each day's item -- if you want those (and who wouldn't?? ), please follow me at Twitter at @ron_clinton -- but rather those kind of unique, special items that may deserve special mention. Hopefully the items I'm featuring over at Twitter are cool enough that "special mention" here is justified at least a few times a week.

Case in point: Today I Tweeted a set of four pics of my lettered edition of Simon Clark's SHE LOVES MONSTERS, a pretty cool item from NEP that's housed in a metal film-reel case, had signed separate artwork, original edited manuscript page, etc. This item can be seen here:

Enjoy, and keep an eye on this thread for similar alerts...