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Sod s/l set, vol 1 & 2

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    Originally posted by jhanic View Post
    The initial price of the limited Stand was $325 (when you could find one.) I got one from a dealer about six months or so after it was issued for $700.

    So that means you can sell it to me for $800 then


      Originally posted by Teriw View Post
      I find myself wishing I had ordered ALL of the CD limiteds before they sold out but I wasnt around then Original prices are so reasonable and considering the aftermarket I would be VERY happy to have them for my retirement. lol
      What got me hooked was missing out on "Six Stories" when it was published by King's Philtrum Press. I even knew about it from a flyer from Bett's Books, but thought $75.00 for a paperback was way too much. I've regretted passing on in ever since. The next limited was CD's "From a Buick 8" and I made sure to get that limited, even though I couldn't afford the signed one. And all these years later, I've spent way too much, but it's a nice collection!
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