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  • dannyboy121070
    It is a beautiful production. I backed the last Kickstarter, and got the first two volumes, but that one really left a bad taste in my mouth. A lot of people, myself included, never got our books, and had to write repeatedly to find out why. We were told that they "had no record" of our orders....then, they miraculously found the orders, and proceeded to ship them to us as slowly as possible. IDW seems really ill-prepared to deal directly with customers. And the lack of bonus items, stretch goals, etc. as well as having to pay full cover price...annoying. I still haven't gotten the album download from the last campaign. That said, I'll probably back this, because I really have no other way to get the book. In-Stock Trades hasn't carried the first two volumes, and Amazon had them for outrageous prices. I hope IDW has gotten their act a little more together since Volume 2.

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  • jeffingoff
    started a topic FULL BLEED Vol 3

    FULL BLEED Vol 3

    Any Lansdale/Hap&Leonard fans might be interested in the next Full Bleed. It's a really cool quarterly. I own the first two as well as backing this one: