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Some would probably say odd that my main focus isn't King but my interest just doesn't lie there for the moment.
Probably only those at TDT.org, for the most part...in general, most horror-fiction fans I know are much more diverse in their reading likes and collecting preferences. It seems like only the very casual reader on the street for whom "horror" means "King" and only "King" and the hardfast TDT King fantatic see King in that way. The other other half+ of us see King as only one option of many and put King, to be frank, way down the line. For me, since 1990 I've only really liked four* of his full-length novels -- in 27 years, four novels -- so that's not a particulary good average; in fact, there are a number of them I haven't even tried to read as they simply don't appeal to me, and disappointing reviews I've read of them don't suggest my instincts are wrong. I won't go so far as to say that King is overrated as I get why some folks really like his work, but for me and others like me he is definitely not the focus of our horror reading.

So wear your non-King focus with pride, Brian...you're in good company.

* In case anyone cares, they are THE GREEN MILE, UNDER THE DOME (probably the least of the four), 11/22/63, and JOYLAND.