Hi all. New to CD and the forum. I guess you can say I've jumped in with both feet as I've already placed several orders as well as a subscription to the magazine and the book club as well. Hoping to jump into the Collectors Club next time around also. I've already tortured poor Mindy with countless emails. Surprised she hasn't returned my money and said, "Your not worth the hassle"! lol. I can't say that I'm really well read; most of my reading has been of King, but I'm open to suggestions as there seems to be some very appealing authors published here. Bentley Little for one really interest me seeing how King seems to have good things to say about him. Some of Brian Freeman's work looks really interesting too along with the stuff Richard as done.

My first order experience didn't go too well as my book arrived damage and silly me chose media mail. Word to the wise, never do that. Anyway, Mindy has been kind enough to work with me on the issue all the same even though the damage was no fault of CDs and upgraded my future orders to UPS (at my cost) so we don't have that issue again.

I wonder if CD is a valid reason for my credit card company to increase my limit lol. This place is like stumbling into a haunted candy store on All Hallows' Eve .