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Flashathon - 12 Hours. 12 Cues. 12 Stories. (OCTOBER 22)

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    Flashathon - 12 Hours. 12 Cues. 12 Stories. (OCTOBER 22)

    What is Flashathon? Itís a 12 hour flash fiction marathon where a group of dedicated (or perhaps just crazy) writers will try to produce a new story and hour for twelve straight hours.

    When is Flashathon? Saturday October 22, 2011. Noon til Midnight eastern time, 9am to 9pm pacific time.

    Who is running it? Itís a joint venture between Writerly Words and Unleaded Fuel for Writers.

    Who can participate? Anyone who wants to. Join us for one hour, or six, or all twelve if youíre as crazy as we are.

    Are there prizes? There will be blog badges for anyone who participates in any two hours, in any six hours, or in all twelve hours.

    How can I join in? Be at Writerly Words at noon eastern on the 22nd, get the first cue, and either use it to write a story or write a story completely ignoring the cue. Itís a free-for-all designed more around creating a marathon of creative frenzy rather than a strict adherence to rules.

    Disclaimers: First publication, a warning. Please note if you choose to post your flashathon entries in this blog, most publishers will see that as the burning of the first publication rights. Depending on the modification a story undergoes, some publishers may have different definitions of what counts, just be aware that any attempt to sell your story in the future should include a mention of previous online posting. This is a large part of why weíre making story posting optional.

    Ownership: All stories included in comments as part of the flashathon will be considered released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The link will better explain what that means. This blog claims no ownership of the stories beyond their initial posting, and will make no attempt to gain commercial advantage from them.