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    Originally posted by Nik Houser View Post
    My philosophy on rejections is this, and it can be applied to a story or a novel: eventually, if you stick to it long enough, SOMEONE is going to say "yes, let's publish this." If you could look into the future, you could just see exactly how many rejections it'll take to get to that acceptance, be it 5 or 50 or 500. But you can't. So let's call that number "X." This means that every rejection you receive brings you ONE STEP CLOSER (or one rejection closer) to that acceptance! Now, this takes some serious faith in your work, and it doesn't always cheer me up when a rejection feels particularly depressing. But it can come in handy, for what it's worth.
    Great attitude. We all need thicker skin and take a step back from our work and not take it so personal. I received my first rejection years ago, and kind of stopped submitting out of hurt I guess. I have since started to submit again, after all how can you be published without trying...but I like your idea. I'm going to have to keep telling myself I am one step closer.
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