It's a few months still before November, but oh well, starting the thread for it now, lol.

Who plans on taking the plunge and trying to write 50,000 words in November? If you do, have you decided on what your story will be?

I will definitely be going for it this year, hopefully going to be 2 for 2. This year I will be doing something different than I thought in that my story will be more Sci-fi, though perhaps with some horror elements.

What gets me excited about this one is that I decided a few days ago I should think of ideas for what to write, and just like that the story popped in my head. On top of that, I was mentioning this to Lucian on Goodreads and was going to say I still had to think of the title (that is an area I struggle with at times), but then the title formed in my head! It actually happened in a process that took less than a minute to fully form.

So, my NaNo 2013 novel title will either be Ancestral Skies or These Ancestral Skies! I am leaning towards the latter right now. What do you guys think?