Has anyone become involved with Amazon Studios? In a nutshell, and to the best of my ability to understand it, it is Amazon's production company, and the idea is to get users to come together to perfect screenplays. Also -- and this is what I am more interested in -- the company has begun accepting pilot scripts and bibles for television shows. In fact, the website Deadline recently reported that four series have been picked up for further development (actually, I think the site posted a press release, not so much an independent report).

Thing is, there has been some controversy about this initiative. If you participate in it, as in send in something you wrote, some professional writers have warned that Amazon claims eternal rights on what you send in. I can't make heads or tails of this, but I do have a desire to pitch a project to the Amazon staff since I basically have no other outlet for pitching a TV project (I have no agent, no connections). Still, I don't want Amazon to own something of mine forever.

If anyone can explain to me exactly what Amazon Studios does, I would appreciate it. The TV-pitch thing is fairly new, I think, and I believe they may have changed their TOS on this to make writers more comfortable about submitting (i.e., maybe they no longer require perpetual ownership). But I don't know.