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    Heavy Metal LP's

    I thought I would post some pics of my album collection. I would love to see pics of other collectors.

    Theli Do you collect other Halford projects or just Judas Priest? BTW cool Priest collection.IMG_7711.jpgIMG_7712.jpgIMG_7713.jpg
    I'll try to dig up my copy of Uriah Heep's The Magicians Birthday. It's a fantastic cover. I love see other collections the more the merrier.
    Thanks Everybody See Ya' Mike

    Very nice collection. There's a few there I have myself, some I would love to have in my collection like the Chateaux, Tyran Pace, Gravestone and Faithful Breath especially (got the CD). And some I'm completely unfamiliar with like Main E.E. Axe, H Bomb, Vendetta, and Wrath. I can't quite make out which LP it is in the second picture, third from left, middle row. What band is it? A nice collection overall, but I really dig the nice selection of German metal.

    As for Non-Priest Halford, no I don't have any of his solo stuff or Fight or Two. I dig them well enough, just never went out of my way to pick them up... well Two kinda sucked.

    BTW I was just spinning that Metal Church album earlier today.
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      Took a few shots some new shots of my collection.


        Nice! Jag Panzer, Leatherwolf, Saxon and Heavy Pettin' all represented!


          Yeah man, just got the one Heavy Pettin' album, but there's a couple more Leatherwolf, Jag Panzer and Saxon LPs in the collection too. Love the old school stuff.


            H-Bomb is a very good french HM band. Vendetta you would like it's German thrash similar to Angel Dust. Wrath is a thrash band from my area. It was started by my childhood friend Mike and my brother's friend Ricky. It was produced by Ronnie Montrose. As for Maineeaxe it's just your standard good metal band.

            That's my favorite Metal Church LP. I was lucky enough to see them opening for Metallica in '84.

            The LP you were asking about is Loudness: Disillusion it's my 2nd favorite behind Thunder In The East. You have a smokin' collection love to see more. I'll try to post more later.


              Nice! Sounds like I'll have to check them out H Bomb especially. Also dig some Loudness, but just own Thunder in the East on CD.


                Have you ever heard David Chastain? I think he had some solo albums and also with his band CJSS. Excellent guitar work.


                  Yeah I heard of him but for some reason I never got around to buying his stuff. For a 1st time listener what would you recommend?


                    I have the albums"World Gone Mad" and " Praise the Loud" by CJSS, "7th of Never" and "Ruler of the Wasteland" by Chastain and "Instrumental Variations" by David Chastain. To be honest, I haven't listened to them in a while, but I know they are all pretty good with great guitar work.


                      Originally posted by ajw2910 View Post
                      Have you ever heard David Chastain? I think he had some solo albums and also with his band CJSS. Excellent guitar work.
                      Yeah, got a CJSS album among the bunch up there. Don't own any Chastain solo stuff, just one of those bands ai never got around to checking out.


                        After Talking David Chastain. I'd Thought i'd post my "guitar Hero " LP's.IMG_7776.jpg/
                        Thanks Mike


                          ^A nice little selection, love me some early Malmsteen.

                          Well I promised Mike I'd do a review of some of my fav bands that are bit more obscure so here's a top ten list. When doing band comparisons I tried to stick mostly with ones that I figured you'd know, Mike. Join in if you guys want would love to hear about some if your favourites. They don't need to be so detailed .

                          1. Cirith Ungol: This is my all time favourite band. They started in the early to mid 70's but only released their first album in 1980, Frost and Fire. It's their second album King of the Dead, released in '84, that they really solidify their style. I'd liken their style to a more British execution, despite being an American band. They have hints of bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and Led Zeppelin but with a more epic feel than any of the aforementioned bands, and a vocal approach that is all their own. Lyrically they are very influenced by Michael Moorcock's books. They released a total of four masterpieces. Shortly after the recording of a tumultuous fourth album the band called it quits after complete commercial failure. A few years later the guitarist of the first 3 albums died of liver failure.

                          2. Jag Panzer: A heavy/power metal band from Colorado. Their early stuff is a bit more traditional heavy metal, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and generally NWOBHM influenced. Think early Queensryche, Manowar or Metal Church. It features dual lead guitars, and soaring vocals. Their later stuff basically evolved with the US power metal scene, somewhat comparable to Iced Earth or Nevermore, if you're familiar with them, but with a bit more of a historical/literary influence lyrically, that and the usual pro-metal lyrics. They sound a bit crunchier riff-wise and though they still have two guitarist only one does leads now. Their debut album Ample Destruction was released in '84, and to me was a masterpiece of the genre. Most of their albums feature Harry Conklin on vocals, his style is pretty unique, clean and controlled but a bit deeper than many power metal singers. More like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, and clearly Dio influenced, but really not like anyone else. Their second singer, featured on only one album, Chain of Command, is Bob Parduba. His style is a bit more stream lined power metal like Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Michael Kiske (Helloween) but still damn good.

                          3. Atlantean Kodex: A relatively new band that takes it's influence from many classic 80's bands. They play a mix of traditional heavy metal with an epic doom metal mix. Think Bathory, Candlemass, and early Manowar and you're on the right track. They have clean sonorous vocals more akin to Kiske or Geoff Tate than the aforementioned bands, but executed in a slower more epic heavy style. Most of their lyrics are based on old world European mythology and folklore. They have released a few songs on compilations, one EP and two albums, the newest last year, The White Goddess. Which I just ordered the DLP. Easily the best current band in my opinion.

                          4. The Lamp of Thoth: Another newer band playing in an older style. This band is quite strange though. Lyrically they are influenced by obscure occult writings, satanism, and horror. Execution-wise they are a doom metal band but with a unique approach. I'd say they sound like Ozzy-era Sabbath, mixed with oddball punk band Dead Kennedys, and even odder satanic freak prog band Black Widow, or Hell if you're familiar with obscure NWOBHM bands, even a bit of early Alice Cooper, Saint Vitus and Mercyful Fate sound to them. Hard to describe really, but sort of punky, folkish, hard rocking, doom metal. They released a slew of EPs and singles, one album, then broke up.

                          5. Manilla Road: This is another old band that has been going forever, starting in the mid 70's and continuing until today, their debut album, Invasion, was released in 1980. Their early style is a mash up of 70's hard rock and metal bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Hawkwind, but again with a more epic slant. Their mid 80's style became a bit faster and heavier, more akin to the German style of doing metal at the time, especially Grave Digger, Faithful Breath, or Running Wild. Later they kind of amalgamated the two styles. Lyrically they are influenced by fantasy, horror and mythological literature, especially Poe, Lovecraft and especially Robert E. Howard. The vocals are clean but unique, think Ozzy with a bit of gravel and growl, like Rockin Rolf of Running Wild, every now and again.

                          6. Brocas Helm: They sound like early Dianno era Iron Maiden mixed with Motorhead on crack. Clean vocals that are unique and enjoyable, but not a super wide range. Very quick bass and drum interplay that comes across as chaotic and yet groovy at the same time. Again they have a bit of an fantasy influence to their lyrics, but also a few drinking and metal lyrics too. They too made their debut album in 1984, but have only released 2 more since then, with little variance in style and execution, much to my pleasure. Along with Manowar and the previously mentioned Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol they are considered one of the pioneers of the heavy metal off shoot known as epic metal. A theme you'll see through most these bands.

                          7. The Lord Weird Slough Feg/Sloug Feg: Another traditional metal band influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden and Manilla Road (and probably Brocas Helm, though denied, their styles are remarkably similar, and they originate from the same city, though Slough Feg is more refined). Their lyrics are influenced by all sorts of things, mythology, fantasy and sci-fi literature, real life, primates, table top RPG etc.. They have a bit more epic style than the aforementioned Brocas Helm, and have a penchant for concept albums, but essentially you can read the same description for both.

                          8. Pagan Altar: This another band that started in the 70's and have similar influences as the previously mentioned Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. These guys were actually British though and thus part of the movement known as NWOBHM. Though they had recorded many demos at the time, and maybe even released an EP, almost all their master tapes were lost. Recently they reformed, rereleased the few songs they had recorded from '78-82, and re-recorded their first 3 albums using all old recording technology. The effect was tremendous, mid to slow paced metal with a doom and folk influence. Like Ozzy-era Sabbath meets Thin Lizzy. The vocals are a bit nasally and could be love or hate like Geddy Lee's or Ozzy himself, but I dig them. Lyrically they are mostly mythology influenced, but some earlier stuff has that traditional hard rockin lyrics of fast cars, booze and girls.

                          9. The Gates of Slumber: These guys are a doom metal band influenced by the usual suspects of the scene Black Sabbath, Candlemass, and Saint Vitus, but also the aforementioned bands Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. Their approach is heavy slow and epic but vocals mostly melodic with lyrics often influenced by Robert E. Howard and his works. Also touched upon lyrically are the works of Poe and Lovecraft as well as themes such as religion and depression. They formed in the late 90's but first recorded in 2004. They recently split up and the former bassist died of a heroin OD.

                          10. Griffin: These guys play old school US power metal, clean sharp and fast with over the top vocals. You can hear a clear NWOBHM influence with these guys, especially bands like Raven, Iron Maiden or Saxon. They just amplify the speed a bit. The singer and drummer were actually in an early form of Metal Church, which isn't terribly surprising once you hear the band. The original guitarist "Yaz" left after their stellar first album, Flight of the Griffin. He went on to join Heathen for their Breaking the Silence album as a bassist, he died in 2005 of a heart attack. Their second and last album Protectors of the Lair took the speed to the next level producing an album more akin to speed metal like Agent Steel or early Helloween than its slightly more melodic brother, power metal.

                          Glossary of terms for those not familiar:

                          NWOBHM: An acronym for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. A movement that had taken place after most hard rock and metal were dead as far as mainstream radio was concerned, and after punk had surfaced in the UK with it's DIY ethos and was influenced by older bands like Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Budgie and Deep Purple. Around 1978-84.

                          Doom Metal: Slow heavy metal, normally more bass heavy than other forms of metal. Think Black Sabbath's War Pigs or Iron Man.

                          Traditional/Heavy Metal: Generally mid to fast paced metal often with dual lead guitar. Mostly clean or relatively clean vocals. Think Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

                          Power Metal: Generally fast paced metal, sometimes with dual lead guitar. Mostly clean or relatively clean vocals. Normally faster, crunchier and/or more abrasive riffing than traditional heavy metal, but still rather melodic. Think Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but sped up, or if you gave early Metallica a good singer.

                          Speed metal: Generally fast paced metal often with dual lead guitar. Mostly clean or relatively clean vocals, but not necessary. Faster than traditional metal, but generally less crunchy and/or abrasive riffing than power metal and less melodic.

                          Epic metal: A form of metal that is not really defined by a speed so much as an intent. The music tends to sound medieval or fantastical despite being clearly heavy metal, and the lyrics tend to focus on topics like mythology, fantasy and history. Vocals are generally clean, but rarely traditionally trained or executed.
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