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My Latest Vinyl Purchase -- I Scored!!

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    My Latest Vinyl Purchase -- I Scored!!

    I'm unsure exactly when I got into vinyl, I do recall it started sometime after I learned how much I love instrumental surf music. I have a few surf music 7"s. I collected a line of 7" releases from Jazzman Records. (I've been able to locate most of the Jazzman 7" as downloads and burn them onto a CD-R). Today I was able to score a vinyl Test Pressing of the new release from Turin Brakes. Only 36 copies are available. I also got their new CD w. bonus 5-track CD. I was thrilled to nab that Turin Brakes vinyl today.

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    Congrats. I don't collect vinyl but it's interesting how many book collectors also have other hobbies. It's as if we have a compulsive problem or something.
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