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    Recently watched Black Mountain Side on Amazon Prime. It' a good little horror movie. Not perfect but not a bad 90 minutes or so of your time:

    Black Mountain Side


      What happened to my reply ?

      Screw it:

      See Eat Me.


      this one:

      Yea, this sucker is rough. Lead actress/ writer deserves an Oscar for acting and original screenplay while Davis gets one, acting, too in my tilt-a-whirl World. But this is a wild damned ride, like a late-night porn spree until...
      My god I have never seen anything like this film before in my life. The rapist yanking a velcro'd back brace before he rapes a comatose woman is NOT FUNNY ! but it was....
      This film shows a lot about ourselves and country we do not want to fucking know.
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        Somebody see this film ! Hurry ! I do believe it may sweep the Oscars...if God's feeling frisky....
        Cruz's directing is flawless. This sucker will stick with you. Gonna watch it again.


          Oh sorry gang. thought this was a 2019 film and either way it was snubbed. Maybe cuz it was so so nc17 rated times 10...


            Hey guys, just a heads up Scott ( Out of the Furnace Cooper's new film Antlers will be with us shortly.
            Looks creepy, executive produced by del Toro among others, Nick Antosca known the wildest, goriest series of Channel Zero, "Butcher's Block" while treating, and handled the delicate subject of mental illness better then anyone I have seen.
            Plus is was a ton of fun !

            Keeping an eye our for Antlers.


              I just watched Cold Pursuit and loved it. I've always been a Liam Neeson fan since his role in Raimi's Dark Man. And Taken was fantastic. One of my all time favorite movies alongside The Big Lebowski and Roadhouse. Of course, not all Neeson movies are worth watching. The Commuter was just garbage, a complete waste of time. So I wasn't sure about this one, but it was fantastic. This movie felt a little like a distant cousin of Fargo and a half sibling of Snatch had a baby bent on revenge. There were more layers to this movie than I expected. Solid 4/5.

              Also watched about 40 minutes of the new Pet Sematary movie. GOD AWFUL. I laughed at the scene of Rachel's childhood trauma. I thought it was f**king hilarious. That's how empty this movie is. The acting is what killed it. Even John Lithgow bombed as Jud--he murdered a character I loved. I couldn't finish this version and I'd love to forget what I saw. 1/5 (I give it one star for the laugh I had at that stupid f**king dumb waiter scene)
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                Watched IT CHAPTER II. The movie delivered on what I expected. For a three hour film, I found it engaging though I thought Chapter One resonated on a higher level. Also watched SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. Now this one was a surprise. In a good way. Never read the books it is based on but I thought the movie was well worth my time. Yes, it had the usual jump scares (as did IT...) and if you have seen enough horror/thriller movies you know when these are about to happen and, for the most part, do not really make you jump. But as a fun popcorn eating time at the movies, I thought it worked quite well.



                  I have COLD PURSUIT and will be watching it shortly.

                  Watching Cracker: Special Nine Eleven Brilliant show. Then to series 5 which I seemed to have spaced on.


                    Man I wished more folks joined in. Who doesn't watch movies or any decent tv series. Watching Black Lake, BBC4, think a Danish thriller series that seems pretty good so far...

                    But a rarity occurred the other day--I watched a perfect movie: Dirt Road To Lafayette. Astonishing.Music was off the chart great. Strange, most of my favorite movies have music as a major plot component or one other thing: Chess. Yep, Searching For Bobby Fisher and The Dark Horse, two top tens.


                      Originally posted by tyree View Post
                      Man I wished more folks joined in. Who doesn't watch movies or any decent tv series.
                      Hey, Tyree, I won’t leave you hanging! Flying out first thing Saturday morning for Fantastic Fest. Be back in a week with a bunch of reviews.


                        Socky, way me and the wife have been fit-t-cuffin' I may draw out savings, ALL of it and see you there then get an place in Austen. See if I can land a job running mixing boards---I have a degree, no shit.

                        Looking forward to your return, have a safe trip, buddy, looking forward to your reports. I dig em. Oh, found a film from Zack Parker I had never seen and it was a turd. But it was from a British torrent site and am not sure of the year of the film so it could have been an earlier film. First heard of him from the hysterical short " A Cunning Stunt" which led to his offer to helm the brilliant DOWN TERRACE...or I could be talking out my tree....

                        Have a safe trip !


                          Oh crap Socky ! Dude when you back all movie-burnout bloody-eyed get another flick !

                          Called American Dreamer. Quite a few Uber related movies, one I saw, really cool, guy picks up his wife's lover only the fare does not know the husband but the hubby knows. Very cool. Loved the Irishman.

                          But this one is a helluva crime flick. Fast, sleek, sex, blood, shootings, drugs, gangs, ho's, the works. You will dig it.


                            Just say the It Chapter Two. Kind of a letdown. But still worth watching if you're a horror fan. Otherwise, skip this movie.


                              Thanks for the heads up,Gibbens, re: IT:Chapter II Will being going in with your remarks stuck in that one place never fails to get get steak, chicken, even menudo so freeking rammed up there I need plastic C-4 explosives, ear muffs, to pull loose for needle nose. Yup, I'll see IT ( see what I did there... ) by then I will get yours, or other
                              thoughts, opinions out of my system...

                              And Sockyank ! Getting ready to check out that new Mickle offering In The Shadow Of The Moon ( there is a Danny joke in there somewhere ) so I'll keep ya posted, on not any thoughts about films, but Denny's Moon Over My Slammy Danny's , Over Easy Grand Slam.
                              OH! That was horrible...I am so fired...

                              Thanks again guys !

                              Have a safe trip Socky !
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                                Olympus Has Fallen. However, for many it is a bit bland