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    Hey gang. Has anyone checked out the above website ? Loads of great films, and by god it actually works !

    What I'll post here is a terrific film called Sea Fog, loaded and ready to view:

    Hmm... Well, it was top of browser while I was watching it. If for some reason it's jacked up, just go to and play around with it.

    It does work and if you can find THE YELLOW SEA I highly recommend it--I feel it is Korea's PULP FICTION.

    SEA FOG is similar in it's plot to THE YELLOW SEA but gets more in to the actual smuggling of desperate people in the hull of a sketchy fishing boat who captain needs money desperately but, we all know thing will go horrifically wrong. My mom recommended this film; she loved BLUE RUIN and GOOD TIME so her taste is trustworthy.

    Thanks for listening !


    Not to be a downer, but be careful of those asian sites that stream movies. They are often loaded with malware and what not.
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      Wasn't THE YELLOW SEA directed by I.P. Freely?


        Good one Reilly. I have not had any issues with that site but to be quite honest my computer is already so loaded up with Malware they are starting small holy wars...