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The Hobbit I: Extended edition

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    The Hobbit I: Extended edition

    I know the first Hobbit movie is coming out in Nov. as the extended edition.....has anyone heard if there are definite plans for a uber-Hobbit box at some point...collecting the 3 extended Hobbit movies? I figured I would just wait for that if it's coming at some point.

    As the first Hobbit movie is being released as an extended edition in November, it follows that the other two movies will follow suit.

    New Line Cinema will not turn down the opportunity to release a box set for these movies, as it will be a guaranteed cash cow for them and I cannot think of a single movie franchise that has not been released in a box set format.

    You can definitely expect an extended box set of all 3 Hobbit films just like they did with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    Additionally, I would be highly surprised if they didn't release all six movies as extended editions in one gigantic box set!!!!
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