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Pacific Rim - sort of

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    Pacific Rim - sort of

    We (a friend and I) will be arriving in the US on July 13 - in Houston, Texas. From there we'll travel the Southern States: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, (maybe Northern Florida), Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and down towards Houston again.

    Now I really, really want to see Pacific Rim. It's the one Summer movie I'm looking forwards to the most. But, I want to see it in the best theater I can find, with optimal viewing conditions, like Dolby Atmos and a great screen. I want this to be he best movie experience ever (blockbuster-wise).
    I would really appreciate it if anyone from around there can give me a couple of great suggestions. Preferably in the Houston area or on our way towards the east. I guess the movie will be held over for quite awhile, but I'd like to see it the first week we're there..or second....

    Thanks guys!


    AMC Theatres are nice. Some have an IMax theatre as part of their offerings.


      I googled around a bit there's a bit 30 screen AMC in Houston that has some pretty decent reviews.
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