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    Here's an Idea...Don't think about it too much. I just like seeing everything come together in Carol's plan. Seeing how many people were in on it n shit. It is quite fucked. I enjoy it.


      Can anyone post a general review once the season is over? No spoilers is okay. Just what you think about the entire season, whether it is worth buying and watching. This is because staying here outside the U.S. I do get cable which is the only way we can follow the latest tv show seasons both cable and terrestrial from the U.S., but I prefer to get mine via the season box sets dvd after the show has completed an entire season's run. The ratings for this show though not giant, has been posting solid numbers compared to other new and returning shows which got me quite interested in it, not to mention the subject matter. So, thanks in advance.


        Well, the season is over and I must say, overall, I liked it. The show started off strongly, but after a month it fell into a traditional TV murder serial. The Poe theme it started with mostly disappeared, but then it picked up at the end. The final 4 episodes were terrific.

        The show has been picked up for a second season, and I'll be there if I can. But I liked the way season one ended. It makes a good story in itself. Any other thoughts?

        4/5 for the season
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