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    Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

    The Dakota Black Hills, plus of course, Mount Rushmore (both Hitchcock and Dan Simmons made excellent use of this landmark); Badlands National Park; Grand Canyon National Park; Yellowstone National Park; Tombstone (Arizona); Monument Valley; Nederland (Colorado) - just had to go there, as I live in Nederland...; Rocky Mountains National Park; Johnson Space Center (Houston); San Antonio -The Alamo- Texas; The Royal Gorge Bridge(Colorado) ; Saguaro National Park (New Mexico).....

    Again, the Utah/Arizona areas were far and away my favorites. I love the rock formations, the colors, the alieness of the landscape...Monument Valley - absolutelu gorgeous!

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      Did you take those pics Siep because they are stunning!?


        I wish!
        No, we didn't take any pictures this time.
        These I found on the www.



          Three 'holidays' planned for next year
          Skiing in the French Alps with the family, hopefully better snow than last season.

          It's one of the big birthdays for me next year, so off to Iceland to hopefully see the Aurora Borealis (something I've always wanted to see)

          And as there is no Glastonbury festival in 2012 (I do count those 5 days in a tent as a holiday each year), I shall be going to the Latitude festival in July, the final day of which is my actual birthday, so that should be quite some weekend!
 - I've finally updated it.


            Just booked my cabin on the 311 Caribbean Cruise in May. It's 2 days after my bday and lands on my cabinmates.