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So, let me tell you a short story

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    So, let me tell you a short story

    (I'm not naming names - you know who you are, and I'm sure many of you could play amateur detective and put the pieces together . . .)

    This is all a bit unusual for me, considering that I've become quite a bit more private about the information I share on-line (even though I know that with a few searches, most of you would be able to find out pretty much everything about me on-line, but I don't just volunteer all of that information - you have to put a little effort into it.)

    But I digress . . .

    Where was I? Oh yeah, being private.

    Well, the other day, I don't even remember what prompted the "confession," but I mentioned that my job situation has changed a bit. The company that I've worked for for the last two and a half years, was going through a second round of layoffs, and those of us that remain are having to take one mandatory furlough day per week. Also known as a 20% reduction in income. This is causing quite a bit of stress for everyone of course, but I only see the day to day stress in my own household, especially since six weeks ago, I convinced my wife that she needs to get out of the cesspool of the place she currently worked at, and come up and work at the same company I did. If I knew about the layoffs and furloughs, this would have been a bit different.

    Anyway, shortly after I mentioned the above, I get a private message that said that the winner of a free book contest has decided to donate their prizes to me in order to balance some of the universe's karma.

    I was floored. When I got this message I didn't know what to say, because Thank You seemed so insufficient.

    And then the package arrived and I had to explain to my wife about all the boxes I've been getting (Black Friday sales (which by the way, occurred before the news about work broke)) and when I told her why I was getting this box of free books, she started to cry.

    Maybe this story has taken a turn - it started out nice, and then sweet, and now there are tears.

    I still won't name names - but those of you involved know who you are, so I wanted to publicly say thank you, and I'll definitely make sure I continue the spreading of karma somehow.

    I’ve always said it. Book people are the best.


      This is a great Forum! Lots of good folks on here.


        A very kind act!


          What a great thing to happen. I remember when I was younger and first living on my own money was so tight and I had a piece of crap car I came out of work and got in my car and someone from work had put a couple of bags of food in my backseat with a note saying they had been in a similar situation years earlier and someone helped them out. They just said to remember this and do something for someone else when I was able to. I have never forgotten that and have always tried when able to pay it forward.
          I agree with Brad especially horror fans. This is probably one of the most giving bunch I have come across.


            Great story and it should remind us all that there are still good people out there. Nice communities like this one rock.

            Many years ago I had similar experiences and they were heartwarming and helped me and later us through tough times. One such event happened on a forum similar to this one.
            Looking for the fonting of youth.


              That's awesome, Jason! Well deserved, my friend as you're one of the good guys . I have met some truly great people as well as on the TDT forum. It's great to see our community come together in a time of need, especially this time of year. Continued best wishes to you and yours, Jason as you navigate rough waters.

              And good on you, gifter for a great act of generosity. I can't help but think that Ron's father would be proud of all involved.