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Definition of mid-lister?

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    Definition of mid-lister?

    I was curious -- what is the technical definition of a mid-list author? Is that someone who has never had a hardcover published? Or is it defined by sales? Obviously King is not a mid-lister (I'm not even sure what the technical term for him is -- simply bestselling author, top-lister?).

    The reason I ask is because the other day a thought popped into my head -- what is Bentley Little considered? He's a great author, but has he ever appeared in hardcover, or had his works optioned for other media? How many copies of his books have been sold? That guy is such a mystery, it still seems like the name is a pseudonym or something (although I am probably wrong on that; yet his bio always makes me laugh).

    "His Father's Son," a somewhat recent read, was superb. And he's great at short stories, he should put out more collections. Because of the nature of "Son," there were some short stories thrown into the narrative mix, and they were very entertaining (and, as you can imagine, different).

    I don't think hardcover or not has anything to do with. I would assume it's probably sales numbers or just how well known they are.
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      Everyone knows that Bentley Little is a pseudonym for Large Rolls Royce.