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May 2022 - How many??

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    May 2022 - How many??

    Only finished 4 books in May.

    1. Eternal Frankenstein ed by Ross Lockhardt. Was a decent collection of stories with a Frankenstein related theme. A month later I can only remember that I liked more of the stories than I disliked. 3.5 / 5

    2. High Moor by Graeme Reynolds was a traditional style werewolf story that doesn’t really add anything to the genre.
    I liked the ending enough to consider reading the next book in the series. 3.5 / 5

    3. Something in the Water & Other Stories by Douglas Wynne was a collection of mostly entertaining stories with Lovecraftian themes. This was the first book of Wynne’s that I have read, though I have come across several of these stories in previous anthologies. My favorites were the title story & ‘The Mouth of the Merrimack’, both of which were based on Lovecraft’s Shadows Over Innsmouth. 4 / 5

    4. Survivor Song was the fourth novel I’ve read from Paul Tremblay, and it may just be my new favorite of his books. At times heart breaking & at others laugh out loud funny, SS is essentially a zombie story (more akin to 28 Days / Months Later) with the focus on the human characters rather than the zombies.
    Highly recommended. 5 / 5

    5. The Madness of Dr Caligari - this was the second anthology in a row that was edited by Joe Pulver that I couldn’t finish (A Season in Carcosa was the first). Should have known better going in, though the table of contents was fairly impressive. DNF