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November 2020 - How Many??

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    November 2020 - How Many??

    I only finished two books in November, my lowest total in recent memory.

    1984 by George Orwell - finally got around to reading this one, and it well deserves it's status as a classic dystopian novel. Originally published in 1949 and set 35 years in the future, 1984 offers a very bleak depiction of a government controlled state were personal freedoms for the masses are nearly non-existent. In many ways, the storyline is more relevant today than in the 1940's. There are a lot of social & governmental theories presented in 1984, and at times the storyline does get bogged down in the explanation of these theories. There is a reason in high school you read Orwell's Animal Farm and not 1984. 1984 goes much more in depth into the social theories Orwell first presented in AF, and is overall a much darker story. I'm glad that I finally read 1984, and would highly recommend it those who have not. Just be prepared. Light reading it is not. 4.5 / 5

    White of the Moon ed. by Stephen Jones was a anthology of mainly psychological horror stories. I piecemeal read this one over the course of about two months, and when I went back over the table of contents, I have to admit, that for better or worse, most the stories no longer rang a bell. The standouts were 'Whatever Happened to Baby June?' by Jay Russell, a noirish murder mystery set in the Hollywood fringe, 'Another Frame' by Joel Lane, probably also best described as a noirish murder mystery with an ending I definitely did not see coming, and the humorous and entertaining "You Don't Have to be Mad' by Kim Newman, set in The Avengers era world (the 1960's British TV show, not the Marvel comics) of Newman's occult detective, Richard Jeperson. 3 / 5


    Books read and recommended for November, 2020.

    Hard cover -

    1. Toby Chalmers Commits “Career” Suicide by Jeremy Thompson from Necro. Strange happenings for sure. Fun read. Will check out the sequel.

    2. Toby Chalmers Hits a New Low by Jeremy Thompson from Necro. Some good parts but had trouble getting into this one.

    3. Death, Scum, and T. V. Fun by John Wayne Comunale from Thunderstorm. 3 good novellas. Real good. Bizarro-like. Want more.

    4. Bone Chase by Weston Ochse from Saga Press. Fantastic mystery thriller. I felt like I was there. So, you didn’t believe in giants?

    5. Nemesai by John Urbancik & Brian Keene from Thunderstorm. Page-turner from 2 pros. Action galore with a surprising ending.

    6. In the Rose-Colored House Where They Died by Gwendolyn Kiste from Thunderstorm. Didn’t care for this one.

    7. Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King & Bev Vincent from Cemetery Dance. Excellent anthology of reprints with great original stories by Joe Hill and Stephen King.

    8. Tool Shed by Armand Rosamilia from Thunderstorm. Excellent novella. Characters and their banter is so believable. Supernatural possession and many deaths are the backbone for this love story but relationships drive it.

    Paperback -

    9. Allison by Jeff Strand. What a blast. Mass mayhem has never been so funny.

    10. The Odds by Jeff Strand. This was a blast. Great pacing and characters. What could possibly go wrong?

    11. Pets During Wartime by Weston Ochse from Thunderstorm. Very good sci-fi novella with heart.

    12. Autumn Bleeds into Winter by Jeff Strand. Ahh a coming of age story with a serial killer. Done with style.

    Favorites = #1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

    Support Indie Publishers and Enjoy


      1984 is a great book. I remember choosing to read that on my own when I was in junior high. Back then, it was a fun story; now, I'm not kidding, it scares me. I remember never understanding the Room 101 scene, why he screamed do it to her, or whatever. Now, though, I get it....


        Playing catch up. I only completed 2 books in November. The lowest reading month I have had in many years.
        Fender Lizards by Joe R. Lansdale:
        Fun Lansdale read about carhops turned Roller Derby girls.
        4 Stars
        Beware the Poltergeist (Ghostsitter #2) by Tommy Krappweis
        This is book two of a children’s series from Germany. Audible is making them available free to members. I loved book one and enjoyed this one but it did not have the MAGIC of the first. Still looking forward to book three.
        3 Stars