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    Originally posted by Dan Hocker View Post
    Ahh I see. Yea I'm not sure how popular / feasible that would be. I do however like the idea of a traycase with the 3 ring binder built into the case.
    I was envisioning a straight forward 3 ring type binder with archival sleeves but the whole thing sized down to chapbook size. Then the CD logo on the upper spine and a clear sleeve under that so you can slip in a list of contents. Make the spin back at least 2 to 3 inches so you can fit several chaps in each. This way it can be used for the vast majority of chapbooks that anyone makes and advertises CD even when it doesn't contain CD chapbooks.
    Rich DeMars

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      I currently have a small shelf in one of my bookcases that these fit on nicely but I love the idea of the binder! That pesky dust gets into the book case a bit even with glass doors.


        I voted for binder though right now I just use the comic bag/board method since I don't own that many. A binder with the CD decal on it would be great.