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    Originally posted by Martin View Post
    I like the size of Knowing Darkness because, in my opinion, it allows the art to be showcased. I do however see that the size can be rather cumbersome. I just received Knowing Darkness and I tried laying in bed and reading the introduction. I quickly realized that you can't do that with this book. I read the intro by setting the book on the table and reading it. I will eventually read the entire text but it will take some time. I would prefer a CD art book to be this size but would understand if it was smaller, as long as it was not any smaller than SOD. I think the size of SOD would be a nice compromise!
    This book is really for a coffee table. That table better be huge, too. Maybe, there should be a kit to add four legs to the book and turn it into a coffee table. ~AY


      While I'll admit Knowing Darkness and, to a lesser extent, A Lovecraft Retrospective are difficult to handle, their sheer size and weight are big parts of their attraction (for me, at least). These are MANLY tomes. And they do a tremendous job of showcasing the art on heavy stock using fully processed deep color. The traycase alone for KD is an engineering and artistic triumph.

      Dave, you and me both. Did you purchase a leatherbound volume? I'm still a bit confused as to what binding was used for which edition.
      The angry book collector.


        Originally posted by frik51 View Post
        I love the fact that Knowing Darkness is a huge book.
        I did go through the whole thing, read it from cover to cover, drooling over those amazing illustrations.

        Size does matter!

        Yeah, all 15 pounds of it!