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    Originally posted by jeffingoff View Post
    I have both the SST edition and the CD lettered edition of The Listener.


      Originally posted by Marmaduke Grigsby View Post
      I'm more of a bodaggit.

      Lettered editions of The Listener have been available far below the published price on eBay. Though I haven't checked in a while.


        A couple of new additions. I've received more than these, but I'm super lazy about posting photos.

        First up is Book 1 in the "Splatter Western" series from Thunderstorm and Death's Head Press, THE MAGPIE COFFIN, by Wile E. Young. The standard outstanding production that I've come to expect from Thunderstorm. The book is a little smaller than what I had anticipated (the same width of a DVD case, but about an inch more in height.)

        Buyers were given an option to either buy the first five books as a bundle or pick up one per month and I decided on the "one a month" plan. I currently have Book 2 in transit.

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          Next up is A LITTLE HATRED by Joe Abercrombie. I have to admit that I haven't read a single thing by Mr. Abercrombie. I've been meaning to get around to his "First Law" series of books, but some many books and so little time. Then Subterranean announces this title and I had to jump on it as I knew that if I didn't get it upon initial release I'd probably never be able to afford the aftermarket prices.



            Now, here's one I've been looking for a reasonably priced copy for quite a bit. I recently was able to get a copy for about $175, which I still feel is a lot for the books in this series, but considering one just went for over $300 on eBay, I feel okay with the price I paid. I don't know I still need the Poe, Lovecraft, and Blackwood books, but the prices--especially for the Blackwood volume--are getting crazy.



              Now, the books that I've been the most excited to get my hands on: Centipede Press's edition of THE OTHER by Thomas Tryon.

              I've been on the lookout for this title for years and I can't remember that last time that I actually saw one up for sale. I got lucky and was checking saved searches on eBay and this copy popped up. I debated a bit due to the price tag but I decided to bite the bullet since copies aren't just floating around out there. So excited to have a copy in my collection!