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    Hi guys. I haven't been around in a while but I'm still around, collecting my King stuff and loving on Richard and Steve's Gwendy story.

    I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the website discogs. But it it's a fantastic source for vinyl collectors. Check it out to get an idea what it's all about...then go sign up for their new site bibliogs.

    My boyfriend uses discogs to track his record collection and they also have a marketplace. So the website tracks these records as they are bought and sold online and tell us you the minimum and maximum it has sold for as well as an average. I think this would be fantastic for books and since some insurance companies(like the one I work for) will accept discogs to value the property it would save on appraisals. To an extent. And maybe it's just my company (in Canada). Anyway it is still in its beta stages and would need a lot more users to become of much use but if it takes off like discogs it should be fantastic. So share it with your book loving friends and sign up!

    Thanks for the great info!


      Nice to hear from you Teri. I will check it out.


        My rather sizable vinyl record collection would likely have been the death of me years ago, if it weren't for Discogs. That site and its tools have been utterly invaluable and I have long wished that a similar haven for book collectors could exist.


          I honestly haven't bothered to add my collection even thought they desperately need it right now. I told them in the forum that I wouldn't both until they add an edition option (first, signed, s/l, special edition and so forth). Without this field search in the marketplace once it is added won't be too easy. And there are sooo many version of each book. Yes the isbn identifies it but we don't all know the isbn when searching for a specific edition