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Seeking Carrie Portfolio # 719

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    Seeking Carrie Portfolio # 719

    Hi everyone,

    Needle in a haystack hunt here...

    I pre-ordered the whole set of the DoubleDay King Books and have been receiving # 719 as they are published.

    UNFORTUNATELY, I did not know I had to request for a number match when I ordered the first portfolio, Carrie (way back when) and I received #432

    Does anyone on this boards own Carrie portfolio # 719? This item is my White Whale...

    I would love to see if you would be interested in a Swap to help me match my set. We could just swap limitation/signature pages and I would pay for shipping of both. OR I could alternatively purchase the whole portfolio from you.

    I have been in touch with the powers that be at CD (Brian & Mindy) and unfortunately there is no way to locate who the number went out to and privacy laws prohibit distributing that info even if they had it.
    One question for CD management Brian, Mindy or Dan (if you see this)., that I haven't had answered yet in my previous correspondence is:

    Do you have any information about whether or not ALL 750 portfolios were produced and sold? I know the limitation number I am seeking is at the high end of the run, 719 out of 750, so I am just wondering does my White Whale even have a chance of existing? Were all 750 portfolios sold and distributed?

    I have been fishing for this needle on many other sites in the internet including Rare King FB Group and but I haven't had any luck as of yet. I figured it was high time that I put a post on the home site

    Thanks in advance!