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Earthling Publications Halloween Series:
Blood Red
The Unblemished
The Haunted Forest
October Dark
By Wizard Oak
Blood Harvest
Motherless Child
The Bones Of You
The Halloween Children
They Say A Girl Died Here Once
*Note-I have the same, low matching # for all books in this series.
A couple people have inquired about books in this series. I'd really rather not break up this set. I realize of course that I'm not doing myself any favors when it comes to selling books ~Steve

Sideshow Press:
Tales From The Midnight Shift
The Oak
Tales From the Yellow Rose Diner
Son Of A Bitch

Borderlands Press:
4 Fear Of . . . .
Black Wind
Quietly Now

The Land At The End Of The Working Day
Rain Dogs

Pendragon Press:
To Usher, The Dead
Feral companions

Gauntlet Press:
Only Child
Closing Time And Other Stories

Cargo Cult Press:
Valley Of The Dead
House Of Fallen Trees

The Awakening
Bone Marrow Stew: Collected Works - Volume One