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One more shelf of my books (Busy organizing again)

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    One more shelf of my books (Busy organizing again)

    If you are interested in buying any of these books, shoot me a private message or reply here. Thanks! Cap (AKA Steve)

    Thunderstorm Books
    Stage Whispers: The Collected Timmy Quinn
    The Freakshow
    Drawn & Quartered
    The Mountain
    Entangled Soul

    Gray Friar Press:
    Mindful Of Phantoms
    It Knows Where You Live

    Prime Books:
    Circus Of The Grand Design (Comes with a signed bookplate).
    Northwest Passages (Comes with bonus chapbook).

    Dark Regions Press:
    Valley Of The Scarecrow
    Dead Clown Barbecue
    Crooked House
    Lord Of The Mountain
    Wolf Hunt
    Wolf Hunt 2

    The following are Dark Regions Press Ghost House titles
    They That Dwell In Dark Places
    Quill & Candle
    Our Lady Of The Shadows
    Carnacki: Heaven and Hell
    Urn & Willow
    Carnacki: The Watcher At The Gate
    I have matching numbers for all Ghost House titles except Carnacki: The Watcher At The Gate.

    The following are Dark Regions Press Novella titles
    Dark Entities
    Shades Of Blood And Shadow
    Resurrection House
    Undertow And Other Laments
    Do-Overs And Detours
    I have matching numbers for all Novella titles
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    Books are weapons in the war of ideas.

    If I can be so presumptuious as to post on this new FS thread, too, I'd highly recommend Strand's DWELLER...a fantastic, strikingly poignant "monster" book by a pretty reliable author -- this one and PRESSURE are my two favorites by him, and if push came to shove I'd probably select DWELLER as my top Strand pick. Tony Richard's OUR LADY OF THE SHADOWS is also a good choice...a collection by a talanted author who has never quite got his due. Dark Region's other collection by him -- SHADOWS AND OTHER TALES -- is what turned me on to him, and remains my favorite collection by Richards.


      I appreciate the input Ron. I just bought one based on your recommendation and I'm looking forward to reading it.


        Great, glad I could help. Enjoy!


          PM'd you about some of those Thunderstorm Books.