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Books for sale-Different books, better pictures

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    Books for sale-Different books, better pictures

    My first thread about selling books became a little cluttered so I started a new one. This time, I think the pictures are much better. You can see each title. If you see a book you want, just ask me. I'm flexible on price and willing to make a P1000327.jpgbargain if possible. Thanks!

    ~Steve (Cap)P1000322.jpgP1000323.jpgP1000324.jpgP1000327.jpg
    Books are weapons in the war of ideas.

    I'm interested in several titles, though I doubt I'll be able to swing all of them. Can I get a per-book and, perhaps, all-in price on these:

    Clickers (also II and III, which were shown in your other thread, if they're still avaiable)
    ...And Hell Followed With Them
    The 13th
    Zombie Love