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Stephen King IT 25th Anniversary proof?

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    Stephen King IT 25th Anniversary proof?

    Does anyone know approximately how many copies of the ARC proof for "IT" were produced by Cemetery Dance? And what any of the copies went for if some were sold? Thanks!

    Per Brian Freeman on 25 Sep 2014:

    "There were 20 review copies of FDNS with the Gift Edition cover and 20 review copies with the Limited Edition cover. The content is the same otherwise. Also, there are 20 review copies of IT featuring the Orbik cover artwork, some of which went into the Grab Bag.

    For those who are interested in this sort of information, these were never distributed to reviewers or booksellers. For FDNS, we realized our edition was going to sell out long before a review could be written. For IT we decided after the review copies were printed that a big trade paperback wasn't the best representation of a $125 book. Essentially, we worried that it wouldn't really impress the recipient.

    Just a little behind the scenes information for those who are interested in such matters.


    I only know of one copy of the IT proof that has changed hands, and am not privy to the sale price.