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  • greg86z28
    Pm sent on IT


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  • Theli
    Yeah I am interested in, but will most likely have to pass on.

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  • RJK1981
    If I had the money I'd definitely be interested in a few of those! Good luck with the sale and hope the future move you hope to make goes well

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  • Paul Bate
    started a topic Collection downsizing

    Collection downsizing

    I am hoping to move to a smaller property in the next few weeks but sadly it means I will have to downsize my book collection.

    I was wandering would there be any interest in the following books I have for sale, there are no prices on anything as I am open to sensible offers.

    Stephen King:-

    IT (25th anniversary edition) in slipcase SOLD
    11.22.63 (Hodder UK limited editon with DVD)in slipcase SOLD
    Christine (PS Publishing edition) in slipcase SOLD
    The Colorado Kid (PS Publishing) Hardback
    The Dark Man (CD slipcase edition with book mark)
    Desperation (Grant Publishing) in slipcase SOLD
    Doctor Sleep (CD gift edition) in slipcase
    Doctor Sleep (WH Smith exclusive with purple cover)
    Dolores Claiborne (Hodder UK limited edition) in slipcase
    From A Buick 8 (CD gift edition) in slipcase SOLD
    The Green Mile (6 paperback US 1st edition set) in slipcase
    Insomnia (Mark V. Ziesing edition) in slipcase
    Insomnia (Hodder UK limited edition) in slipcase SOLD
    Joyland (HCC first edition) in custom slipcase SOLD
    Just After Sunset (Waterstone collectors edition with DVD) in slipcase SOLD
    Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Hodder UK limited edition) in slipcase
    Pet Sematary (PS Publishing edition) in slipcase SOLD
    Secretary of Dreams Volume 1 (CD gift edition) in slipcase
    Secretary of Dreams Volume 2 (CD gift edition) in slipcase SOLD
    The Wind through The Keyhole (Hodder UK limited edition) in slipcase SOLD
    The Shining (Subterranean Press edition) in slipcase SOLD
    Riding The Bullet (Lonely Road Books) in slipcase SOLD
    The Talisman / Black House (grant Publishing) signed by Straub in slipcase

    Other authors:-

    William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist/Legion (CD uncorrected proof)
    Kelly Braffet - Save Yourself (Corvus) signed
    Justin Cronin - The Passage (Orion Publishing) 1st edition, 2nd printing. signed
    John Everson - Siren 19/100 (Bad Moon Books) signed
    Mick Garris - Development Hell (CD) signed
    Ray Garton - Live Girls (CD traycased edition) signed SOLD
    Steve Gerlach - Hunting Zoe (Bloodletting Press) signed SOLD
    Rick Hautala - Indian Summer (CD) signed
    Joe Hill - NOS4A2 (Morrow Books, US 1st ed) signed
    Joe Hill - Locke & Key Welcome To Lovecraft (IDW Publishing) signed (best or enjoy '09)
    Hugh Howey - Wool (Simon & Schuster) signed
    Dean Koontz - Innocence (Harper Collins 1st ed) signed
    Bentley Little - The Mailman (CD gift edition) in slipcase, signed
    Graham Masterton - The Sphinx (MHB Press) signed
    Various - Carnivale Of Horror (PS Publishing)
    John Russo - Undead (CD) signed
    Alan Peter Ryan - Amazonas (CD) signed
    Alan Peter Ryan - The Back Of Beyond (CD) signed
    Peter Straub - The Buffalo Hunter (CD) signed

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