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City of Mirrors - Justin Cronin # 525 SEEKING

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    City of Mirrors - Justin Cronin # 525 SEEKING

    Hi all.

    I just discovered that i got the wrong number attributed to me when I was shipped my copy of City of Mirrors. so it is Needle in a Haystack time!

    If anyone has # 525 of this book I would greatly appreciate a trade or an opportunity to buy it from you.

    I ended up with two copies of this one somehow so have #'s 522 and 391.

    I really love these books and plan to keep them so I guess it doesn't really matter if I have a matching number set, but it would make me happy if I could find it and reunite my set!

    Thanks for your time if you end up checking your numbers for me!

    Best of luck on your search. I just checked mine and it's #698.
    Looking for the fonting of youth.


      Yeah. Good luck - mine's #599


        I have 204. Hope you find your number.