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A Couple of Thunderstorm Sets for Sale

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    A Couple of Thunderstorm Sets for Sale

    I need to free up some space, so I'm offering two sets from Thunderstorm books for sale. I'd VASTLY prefer to keep these together as they're both matched sets.

    First up is the Jonathan Janz Shadow Side series. This is an 11-book set and includes:

    The Sorrows
    House of Skin
    Castle of Sorrows
    Children of the Dark
    Savage Species
    The Nightmare Girl
    Dust Devils
    The Darkest Lullaby
    Exorcist Falls
    Tales From the Shadow Side

    These are all in fine, unread condition; I opened them enough to verify the correct number, then placed them on my shelf. I'm asking $875 on these.

    Second is the first four books of the DarkWalker series by John Urbancik. This includes:

    Hunting Grounds
    The Deep City

    Again, fine and unread, only opened enough to verify the correct letter (it's a lettered set). There is a caveat here: the final two books are in-stock with Thunderstorm, but I haven't ordered them yet (as I'm trying to sell the set). So effectively, if you want the set, you need to factor in another $190 to get the last two from Paul. As such, I'm only asking for cover price on these, and will throw in free shipping; that's $380.

    Nice sets, good Luck. I've purchased from Slayn in the past. He does a good job with shipping.



      Speaking of shipping, I should note that these will be shipped via USPS Priority - media mail is just too slow right now, and I want to minimize the amount of time expensive sets of books are in the hands of the USPS.


        Anyone interested in Brian Keene's MAELSTROM sets from Thunderstorm Books? I have complete sets of #1 through #7 in as new condition. Send me an email
        Will consider selling as separate sets or all together.

        Long time lurker here and ebay seller