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11/22/63 SIGNED Limited Edition: One Copy For Sale!

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    11/22/63 SIGNED Limited Edition: One Copy For Sale!

    11/22/63 SIGNED Limited Edition: One Copy For Sale!
    48 Hour Private Auction For A Customer!

    One of our local long-time customers/collectors/friends ended up ordering two copies of the 11/22/63 US Limited Edition due to some kind of glitch during the ordering process. We're offering his extra copy via a "Private email Best Offer Auction" where the best offer walks away with the item. This auction ends at 3:00 PM EST on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011!


    A lot of die hard King collectors missed out on this Signed Limited Edition from Scribner. There were 1,000 copies printed, but we've heard only about 800 were sold to the general public. This edition is really SIGNED by Stephen King and features a very cool "fold out" dust jacket. The dust jacket on this copy is still sealed with the red "Extra" sticker. The book was opened to make sure it was signed since we've heard reports of blank copies making it out to customers. The book IS signed. See some more photos in our photo gallery.

    We're taking "best offers" and selling the book to the highest bidder. It's totally up to you what you want to offer. We will process the sale either via PayPal or Credit Card and then ship the book for our customer via UPS for US addresses. It will be packed well and insured for the amount paid . No checks or money orders can be accepted. Customers outside the US will be shipped via USPS at their own risk. This item cannot be replaced.

    Please send your offer via email with the subject line "BEST OFFER FOR 11/22/63 LIMITED" so we can file and sort your offer appropriately. Please include the following information in the BODY of your email:

    Real Name:
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:
    Best Offer Amount:

    Please email with your BEST OFFER as soon as possible if you're interested. Serious bids only. When the bidding window closes, you will be notified if you are the winner.

    Please send your "Best Offer" by 3:00 PM EST on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011! The winner will be notified via email after the offers have been reviewed. Your best offer is a binding agreement to purchase a copy at that price. We will reply to confirm your offer has been received. All decisions of Cemetery Dance Publications are final. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected emails or any Internet related issues that may affect the delivery of your bid. Absolutely no certificates or store credit of any kind can be used toward the purchase price since we're selling this item for a customer. Shipping will be charged based on the size and weight of the item and the winner's location. We will try to contact the non-winners, but it may not be possible depending on the number of offers received. If you have any questions before you bid, please email Brian Freeman and he'll help you out.
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    Cool. I submitted a reasonable bid,but I'm sure there will be far higher bids. Good luck!


      I would really love a copy but am not prepared to pay over the odds, I'm hoping that we will see a drop in price in 6 months or so.


        Does anyone know if the full signed limited edition? It appears that it is, but the limited edition from Scibners includes a DVD and has a list price of $150. There are quite a few copies of 11/22/63 for sale now after the B&N signing (can't believe everyone just wanted to make a few bucks). But, I am very interested in this one if it is the complete limited edition w/the DVD. I know the DVD may sound trival but otherwise all I can tell that is is different between the limited edition and the B&N copies is the little sticker on the front. Too bad the UK copy used stamped signatures, the covers were really cool. Anyway - good luck to whomever bids and whether it is me or you I am sure this will land in a good home.