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Signed/Limited William F. Nolan Chapbook - Done and heading out from printer now

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    Signed/Limited William F. Nolan Chapbook - Done and heading out from printer now

    After a couple delays this last month, the Limited Edition Perfectbound chapbook - WILLIAM F. NOLAN: A MISCELLANY - is finally done and heading out from the Printer now. It's limited to just 250 signed copies and i've got just a few left and then it's gone!

    It features a rare, uncollected story and essay by Bill (both only printed once in the 1960's and very tough to find) and a bibilography on his work. We did a special issue on Nolan a while back and this was done as a promo around it and a number of copies were/will be given away to subscribers who took advantage of the deal at the time. I had so many requests from stores and people who missed out that I decided to do 150 additional copies to cover that (which also made Bill happy that more copies would be done).

    It's still up on the Dark Discoveries website for just $12.99 now plus shipping (and you can save even more by using our 10% off coupon (just enter "DD10" in the box during checkout). So here's your last chance to purchase one before it goes up to $14.99 or before it sells out.

    Here is the link to the store to purchase it:


    We've also still got a couple of the Deluxe Lettered Edition Hardcovers with the bonus material (an additional super rare Bradbury pastiche story from 1952 - Bill's first published story and artwork by Nolan), special printed endpapers, ribbon, slipcases, fancy paper, etc. up for grabs in Pre-order. There are only 15 of these being offered for sale (and only 20 total being made - 5 are PC copies for contributors). Bookmaker Chris Hedges is making these by hand and he does amazing work. These should be done pretty soon as well as the pages are printed and Chris is working on the binding now. These are $125 plus shipping and i'm sure will be very collectible in the future.

    Here's the link to order as well:

    (*With the exception of a couple of heavier books like IN LAYMON'S TERMS, IT: SPECIAL 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, SECRETARY OF DREAMS and a couple of others (which have an additional $7 charge due to the size and weight), Shipping is always a one-time charge of $3 for the US, $4 for Canada and $8 for overseas - no matter what the size of the order is)

    - James Beach
    Dark Discoveries

    A hearty and sincere thank you to James Beach and Jason V. Brock for their hard work and dedication toward getting this chapbook prepared and released! I eagerly anticipate receiving my copy. Nolan is one of the finest writers of his generation and beyond. If you haven't already ordered William F. Nolan: A Miscellany, I urge you to do so before it's sold out.
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      Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm Horrorscribe! I think you're going to like it and it has been a pleasure to work with a legend like Nolan in both the magazine and book projects such as this.

      This is shipping now to everybody finally and we've got a few copies left on hand if anybody still wants to pick one up.

      - James


        I just wanted to let everybody know that the Super limited, Lettered Edition Hardcover of this we're doing (with bonus material and with only 15 copies being offered to the public) is almost done now. Chris Hedges is making the book by hand and it's going to be awesome! He's done with the books now and making the slipcases for them. This should be in my hands soon and i've still got a couple copies left not spoken for. $125.00 plus shipping on this one and again only 15 are being offered to the public (and only 20 being made overall - 4 will be PC contributor copies). Here's the link to pre-order one:

        - James