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Grease Monkey and other tales of erotic horror by Graham Masterton book review

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    Grease Monkey and other tales of erotic horror by Graham Masterton book review

    Grease Monkey Hard Gore Press
    and other tales of erotic horror by Graham Masterton

    I like surprises, who doesn't? Well I got one when I picked up Graham Masterton's "Grease Monkey and other tales of erotic horror".
    This book would be the fifth release by MHB Press / Hard Gore Press and what a beautiful production it is. The press is owned and run by Greg Hurlstone and he has done an excellent job selecting a dozen illustrations to compliment these short stories.

    I have never read anything by Graham Masterton before and I have to say i'm not a short story fanatic but rest assured I am now a fan of both!
    There are fifteen stories in total ranging from 1980-2007. There are several winners and shockers here, yes sex plays the lead roll in all the stories, they are violent and brutal but if you take the sexual content away you are still left with clever stories that are sometimes heart felt and sad.

    Graham Masterton is a master of short stories there is no doubt, there are so many here to mention for your reading pleasure so I have selected a couple of my favourites.

    "Heroine" is set after the Blitz with a pilot taking a well earned break at the local pub. Clifford Eager II bumps into Anne Brown who is the youngest daughter of a Major. She is quite secretive and after a night of heavy passion she tells Clifford that she must leave in the morning to work in an old peoples home in Torquay.
    On their next meeting Anne is a little worse for wear, with marks and bruises on her skin but that does not stop her asking Clifford to be very rough and do some things to her he would not normally do. Again, Anne leaves the next day leaving poor Clifford clutching at straws.... Has she been to Torquay? Did her ex boyfriend beat her up leaving the marks on her?
    When they meet a final time Anne looks to be in a bad way, Clifford is beside himself and for his own sanity he must find out where she has been and how she has come to be so badly beaten, maybe her father has the answer.....

    "Son Of Beast" Starts with two detectives trying to solve the mystery of "Son Of Beast" He is a serial killer who likes to pray on heavily pregnant women, nine in total are dead but that number will rise if detective Helen Foxley and her partner don't do something about it but there is no evidence, only a calling card with a picture of a roller coaster on it called "Son Of Beast".
    Helen is running out of ideas, the death count rises until she gets an offer, an offer which will make her go above and beyond her job description, To capture "Son Of Beast" she will attempt to do something not scientifically known to man or is it......

    I have only read a handful of short story collections but "Grease Monkey" stands head and shoulders above them. There are thrills, chills, action and subtle scares, Masterton can do it all.

    This collection brings you tales of the unexpected...

    Jason Phillips
    18TH June 2001