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Earthling Publications 2018 Halloween title-What is it?

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    Earthling Publications 2018 Halloween title-What is it?

    I realized Sunday morning I hadn't ordered the 2018 Earthling Publications Halloween title. When I check the EarthlingPub website there is no mention (That I can see) of a 2018 title. Does anyone have info about what is happening?

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    He's not doing one this year. Here's Paul's most recent email:

    Halloween Series book 2018...and 2019
    Many of you have been asking about our annual Halloween Series book for this October. As I posted on Facebook a few weeks back, there won't be one this year, I'm sorry to say. Schedules for all involved parties just didn't synch up...first time in 14 years. I sincerely appreciate all the emails that have come in asking about the book, and I apologize for any disappointment. I am saddened too. can look forward to one next October....and why not reveal it now, a novel for which the contract was just finalized. James A. Moore will return to the town of Blackstone Bay one final time, in the third novel in the Blood Red trilogy: BLOODLINES. Jim recently told me that it will be "a final showdown between Jason Soulis and the town of Blackstone Bay, this time with the promise that one of the arch vampires will fall and never rise again. The detectives will be back, of course, and the secret reason for Jason Soulis's visiting the town repeatedly will be revealed. Let's call it a secret history written in sin." I, for one, am counting the days until Jim turns in the manuscript!

    GLIMPSES finally at the printer!
    A decade in the works and the deluxe edition of GLIMPSES is finally at the printer. (Seriously. Proofs are on their way to me as I type this.) The dustjacket is below. At this point, given there are several other less expensive editions folks can choose from, I've dropped the price of this limited edition hardcover from $85 to $75 and the print run from 250 to 100 copies. No slipcase. Signed by the author, with page ribbon marker, nice endsheets, etc. Foreword by Iain Matthews. A brilliant and comprehensive introduction by Richie Unterberger, award-winning rock music journalist, that is nearly 7000 words in length! With period pictures, one of which has never been published before (of Hendrix). Small print run. If you love this book, this is the edition you must have!

    GLIMPSES Deluxe Edition

    Earthling to publish NOTHING TO DEVOUR
    Glen Hirshberg's latest and final novel in the Motherless Child series, NOTHING TO DEVOUR, just received a Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly (the first two books did as well) -- congrats, Glen! They say:

    "It's quite a feat to write a vampire novel without ever once invoking the V-word, but Hirshberg does so with consummate skill in this wrenching third Motherless Children horror novel. His novel is a dramatic tour de force that compels reader sympathy for mortals and monsters alike."

    We will be publishing a deluxe version of this book, with similar design details and cover art by Vincent Chong, early next year. There will also be an optional/separate special slipcase to hold all 3 books. More about this project in the coming months!


      That's sad to hear. The only book I had been able to order this year from Earthling this year was that Wonderland series 2nd book. Any opinions about the Glimpses book ? The synopsis just isn't getting to me as something exciting. Since he reduced print run too from 250 to 100 I wonder what could be the cause. Anyways I hope he brings out some cool books. Shame couldn't get the Halloween book this year. Goblin was good last year.


        GLIMPSES is one of the best books i have ever read. I have a copy on order. Paul is very good at what he does!


          I just looked up the book. It sounds interesting.

          Originally posted by fanatic View Post
          GLIMPSES is one of the best books i have ever read. I have a copy on order. Paul is very good at what he does!
          Looking for the fonting of youth.