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  • bsaenz24
    Thanks Jeff.

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  • jeffingoff
    So here's where we stand.
    William F Nolan
    Mort Castle
    Tim Waggoner
    Josh Malerman
    Thomas Ligotti
    Gahan Wilson
    Caitlin Kiernan

    Soon to arrive:
    Charles Grant

    Ramsey Campbell
    Richard Chizmar
    Heather Graham
    Owen King

    Announced through secondary sources (not Borderlands):
    Robert McCammon

    Named but not confirmed:
    Bentley Little
    Stephen King

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  • jeffingoff
    Originally posted by jeffingoff View Post
    If we go back the first post in this thread, these were the authors promised:
    Ramsey Campbell, Mort Castle, Richard Chizmar, Heather Graham, Charles L. Grant, Owen King, Josh Malerman, William F. Nolan, and Tim Waggoner

    And these were the authors dangled before us as potential entries: Thomas Ligotti, Bentley Little, Gahan Wilson, Caitlyn Kiernan, and Stephen King

    We're now 8 books deep in the series and of the authors we were promised, we're missing:
    Ramsey Campbell, Richard Chizmar, Heather Graham, and Owen King

    As the series rolled out, it's been confirmed that McCammon is also getting a little book.

    That leaves 2 unfilled spots in the 15-book series with the only other authors in the mix:
    Little and King
    Brad, this was the breakdown I made earlier.

    Of all that were promised and all that have been announced--we have 13 books.

    that leaves 2 books and the only other names that have been tossed around were Little and King. It's possible that two other authors could fill those spots. But then we riot. Because I will not be denied my hate purchase of a Little Little Book!

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  • slayn666
    I don't think the full list has been announced, but I know Ramsey Campbell and Robert McCammon have been confirmed, and I keep seeing Rich's name listed as an upcoming Little Book. That puts it at 10 (11, if Rich is accurate), leaving four or five unannounced. Everyone is hoping one of those is King, of course.

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  • bsaenz24
    I think someone had a list of the confirmed titles remaining in series 3, but I'm not seeing it. Anybody recall?

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