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PS Publishing Grab bag with Joe Hill Bonus:

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    PS Publishing Grab bag with Joe Hill Bonus:

    With shipping to the US this one only cost me $53.64

    OVER 100 worth of books for just 25 (plus a one off postage charge).

    As with all our grab bag bundles, we get to choose, but each will contain a mixture of novels, novellas, anthologies / collections from our hardcover and paperback ranges (all titles will be pre-2014). And, if you feel like taking full advantage of this deal by ordering more than one bundle, we'll do our best to ensure that you get different titles in each.

    PLUS as a seasonal bonus we're giving a copy of the promotional booklet featuring the first 35 pages of Joe Hill's up and coming novel THE FIREMAN which is due in May 2016 and tells the tale of a deadly spore that has infected most of the world's population.

    Here's a sample of the titles included in the offer:

    A Carnivale of Horror [Anthology edited by Marie O'Regan and Paul Kane]
    Postscripts #26/27 - Unfit for Eden / #30/31 Memoryville Blues [Anthologies edited by Nick Gevers & Peter Crowther]
    Wake up and Dream [novel by Ian R. MacLeod]
    The Invention of Happiness [Collection by Brian Aldiss]
    Nothing as it Seems [collection by Tim Lebbon]
    Edge of Dark Water [signed novel by Joe Lansdale]
    Ghosts Doing The Orange Dance [novella by Paul Park]
    Shades of Nothingness [collection by Gary Fry]
    Home Fires [signed novel by Gene Wolfe]
    Absinth & Song of Synth [double novel by Sebastien Doubinsky]
    More Plumage from Pegasus [collection by Paul Di Filippo]
    The Boys are Back in Town [signed novel by Christopher Golden]
    Sleep Pale Sister [signed novel by Joanne Harris]
    The Violent Century [signed novel by Lavie Tidhar]
    Four For Fear [Campbell, Royle, Littlewood & Fowler] & Four For Fantasy [Richard Christian Matheson, Brian W. Aldiss, Joanne Harris, Joe Hill]
    Starship Spring / Starhip Winter [novellas by Eric Brown]
    Ghosts Know [Ramsey Campbell]
    Forests of Eden [novella by Elizabeth Counihan]
    Growing Pains [novella by Ian Whates]
    The Ritual of Illusion [novella by Richard Christian Matheson]
    Mare Ultima [Alex Irvine]
    The Heavenly Fox [novella by Richard Parks]
    Terra Damnata [novella by James Cooper]
    Gorel & The Pot Bellied God [novella by Lavie Tidhar]
    The Architect [novella by Brendan Connell]
    The Ghostwriter [novella by Zoran Zivkovic]
    The Pit of Despair [novella by Simon Green]
    The Broken Man [novella by Michael Byers]
    Masters of the Galaxy [novella length collection by Mike Resnick]
    Literary Remains / Leave Your Sleep [collections by R.B. Russell]
    Dogs With Their Eyes Shut [novella by Paul Meloy]
    Exotic Gothic 5 Volumes I & II [Anthologies edited by Danel Olson]
    Angels and You Dogs [collection by Kathleen Ann Goonan]
    The Butterfly Man [collection by Paul Kane]
    The Pottawatomie Giant [collection by Andy Duncan]
    Osama [Novel by Lavie Tidhar]
    PLUS a selection of DIP paperbacks.

    Just realized I did not include a link.