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    Richard Matheson's Generations

    If you're a Richard Matheson fan, you might like to snap up a copy of this one. I splurged on the Lettered Edition. I am Legend has always been one of my favorite vampire novels, and his other books and stories are all excellent.

    From the site:

    GENERATIONS takes place at a gathering of the Matheson family after the funeral of Matheson's father. While this meeting didn't actually took place Matheson uses the meeting to explore the many secrets and demons his family harbors. Matheson has never written an autobiography and his adolescence is something that has never been explored in articles or interviews. Matheson is sixteen when he tells the story. A month after Matheson submitted the novel to us he faxed us 8 additional pages. In the book he had talked about everyone except his father and in these eight pages he discusses the difficult relationship between the two of them.

    Included in the book will be 10 handwritten pages from Matheson's manuscript.

    The traycased edition will include a copy of the handwritten page from Matheson's manuscript. No two people will get the same page so each limited edition will be unique.

    Sounds great.I love Matheson.I will be checking this out.