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    Get Some Free Candy this Saturday

    My horror short "Candy" will be available this Saturday. It also includes the story "Mr. Cumberland's Last Magic Show" and an excerpt of Tales from an Apartment. Swing by and pick up a copy with this link:

    Gerald Dean Rice has a real knack for taking a mundane event & turning it into a horrificly bizarre situation. In the first story, a married man agrees to go to a motel with a strange woman & soon realizes he can never go back to his wife, after having a taste of Candy. The second story was even better than the first one, telling the story of a guy with a real magic trick, who is pushe to use his gift in a way that he never imagined.

    Rice's work always has a touch of insanity to it, drawing me back to see what other madness he has created.

    Both stories have a bit of madness to them-twisty darkness with endings that stick with you after you've finished reading them. Candy starts out as a pretty straight-laced adultery story with a disturbing completion that might give potential cheaters pause. Magic was my favorite of the two tales, with a surreal quality to it that remains throughout, growing more intriguingly wicked as it comes to a conclusion.
    For the price, it's a bargain to check out these two well written stories by an up and coming independent writer.

    Easy to read stories that made me think I was watching episodes of the Twilight Zone. I am willing to take a chance on more of Mr. Rice's work. What an imagination!

    If you like, please leave a review!