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New Trade Paperback and Ebook Line

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    New Trade Paperback and Ebook Line

    Hello, everyone! Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Kevin Lucia, the editor of CD's new trade paperback and ebook line.

    Back in September of 2021, I took over Norman Prentiss' duties as ebook editor. In those conversations, Norman suggested I also pitch a trade paperback line to Rich Chizmar, to go along with the ebook line. Up until then, CD had only published paperbacks and ebooks on an occasional basis. Norman was of the opinion (as was I) that CD starting a paperback and ebook line would not only be a great thing for CD and CD's readers, but also for the horror community at large.

    I have very simple goals for the paperback and ebook line. They are as follows:

    1. Publish beautifully formatted paperbacks and their accompanying ebooks on a regular schedule. We'll be publishing our paperbacks through Amazon and Ingram, which should help facilitate this.
    2. Publish a wide variety of horror sub-genres and styles, so that we're hopefully offering something for all kinds of horror readers.
    3. Feature established voices, and find new ones.
    4. Bring to light forgotten classics (a much longer process) as well as works which fell through the cracks over time.

    We've published some great novels, novellas, and short story collections since I actively began working with CD's authors late November 2021, and we've got some great books in store. In a separate post, I'll detail the books we've published since November, and then every month, start a new thread for each new book. It's my hope that CD's paperback and ebook line will someday become one of the premier small presses in the horror genre.

    A couple notes:

    1. Currently, my duties extend only to the small press line. I'm not involved with any of the limited edition projects or the magazine, though I will be learning about both over the next year or so, so I can hopefully lend my help there as well
    2. I don't track orders and deal with shipping issues. Those all should go to: [email protected]

    Best of luck!


      Thank you!