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Out of the Night by Patrick Whalen (eBook)

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    Out of the Night by Patrick Whalen (eBook)

    Out of the Night
    by Patrick Whalen

    Hi Folks!

    We're pleased to announce another exciting eBook has been added to our online store for immediate download:

    The strangers came under cover of darkness and camped high on the hill just west of town. Then the deaths began - horrible, savage, beyond comprehension - one every night for five nights. When two young boys disappeared, the enraged townsfolk of Ravina swept up the cemetery hill, a dark vengeful mass knowing neither pity nor remorse - only the terrible need to shed blood for blood. In their walk they left six grim shadows hanging from a gnarled oak tree.

    A century later the cemetery still stands atop the hill. The mortuary is presided over by the horrcove twins, wizened old men who rarely see the light of day. And death has returned to Ravina, California. A series of grotesque murders committed at night has the town in the grip of terror.

    Only one man - famed archeologist Martin Larchmont - suspects the truth. His convictions are looked upon as the raving of a crazy old man, yet as the murders continue, only Larchmont can save the town. He joins forces with Sheriff Henry Sutton, once a non-believer, now driven by hi own desire for revenge.

    Together they must fight against the consuming evil that threatens to engulf them all...

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