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Quick question re: Kobo and Calibre

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    Quick question re: Kobo and Calibre

    I was hoping someone here could shed some light on what I suspect is a very minor issue.

    I installed Calibre to add the ebooks onto my Kobo Mini, that I purchased from here. Calibre installed good, and converted/added the e-books to my Kobo no problem. Once done I ejected my Kobo from Calibre and everything looks good.

    Here is the problem..... I just loaded up the Kobo Desktop. The new purchases, despite being on the Kobo itself, do NOT appear on Kobo Desktop. Looks like it shows the syncing process in the bottom left corner like usual, however in the top right of Kobo Desktop, it still show the sync button, like it's not. Also, the eject icon does not show up either.

    So....I guess my question for those with a little more knowledge than myself is..... Does Calibre override Kobo Desktop? Should I worry about the above issue? I haven't tried to purchase another e-book yet, and probably won't, as I have lots to read! Am I going to have to re-install the Kobo Desktop? Or, do I forget about it and just use Calibre?

    Upon further research via the good ol' Google machine... It appears Kobo Desktop only shows books purchased through Kobo.