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    Little Boy

    by James Cooper

    Hi Folks!
    We're absolutely thrilled to announce the limited edition of James Cooper's dark coming-of-age novel Little Boy! With glowing recommendations from Tim Lebbon, Ian Rogers, Partridge and Gifune (among others) and gorgeous artwork from Francois Vaillancourt, it's safe to say that Cooper's dark coming-of-age novel is not to be missed. It is processing at the printer now, and supplies are limited, so first come first serve!

    About the book:

    From the imagination of James Cooper, one of Britain's foremost writers of dark fiction, comes the story of Fergus and Ralph, two twelve-year-olds hurtling towards adolescence and about to begin a startling journey that will reveal both the world's tenderness and horror in equal measure.

    After witnessing a strange midnight event, the two boys are drawn into a shocking mystery that takes shape around them, encountering--among other things--savage delinquents, a painted giant, and the terror of a breattaking European revenge ritual.

    And underpinning it all is Little Boy itself: a glass replica of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, capturing the beauty and fragility of every human journey since time began; including the extraordinary rite of passage undertaken by Fergus and Ralph

    An unforgettable tale of childhood, friendship, and family, Little Boy is both a heartwarming and unsettling coming-of-age story that will resonate with every generation, old and youn galike, who have shared the experience of what it means to run wild and free in an uncompromising world

    "Little Boy is a powerful coming-of-age story filled with friendship and peril, humour and moments of horror. Written from the heart, it's a triumphant and moving tale you'll never forget.”
    —Tim Lebbon, author of Among The Living

    "James Cooper's latest will be an enduring coming-of-age classic, reminiscent of McCammon's Boy's Life."
    —Norman Prentiss, author of Invisible Fences

    Supplies are limited and moving quickly!

    Wow, a new LE from CD! Anyone planning to pick this-up? It looks very interesting; however, I'll probably wait until after the April Suntup book is up for pre-order before I make a final decision.

    I did see this and in years past I would have just bought. These last few years are a whole different story. I'm, for the most part, being very selective and really not wanting to get tangled up in long pre order items.

    The book itself looks great and sounds interesting. I may come back around to it at some point.
    Looking for the fonting of youth.


      I’ll definitely be getting a copy, as Cooper has pretty much become an automatic buy for me over the last few years, though this would be the first novel length work I’ve read by him.

      The premise sounds very interesting.

      On a side note, kind of surprised they didn’t do this as a Graveyard Edition, as the price and limitation are the same.