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Bentley Little Limited Edition Bundle news?

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    Bentley Little Limited Edition Bundle news?

    Anyone else order the Bentley Little 10 book Limited Edition bundle many years ago? It would be awesome to at least see that on the production updates section as something on the radar… I think I paid for all of it back in 2013 or 2014, and to-date 1 of the 10 books has shipped.

    I know it will be worth the wait in the end, it always is, but just wanted to confirm it’s still being produced at some point!

    This was a bit of a miscalculation on our part. The limited editions got moved to our "Graveyard Edition" series, in which we spread them out to make it not seem like the series was only Bentley Little. Unfortunately we spread them out a little too much. "The Summoning" limited is book #9 in the GYE series. Book #6 was published earlier this year and book #7 is heading to the printer soon (I think). Once we get to The Summoning the Bentley limiteds are going to coming much more frequently. They're slotted at about every other book in the GYE series.
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