I love this story, but I had an issue early on with the storyline. Did anybody else have trouble following the plotline concerning Dave taking one of Goohugh's bloodpressure pills back to Elvid?

When I first read it, I didn't get why he did that. I went back and re-read the beginning, and I now assume that at the very end of the section where Dave first meets Elvid, and Elvid says, "And you'll bring me something," there must have been more conversation (that we were to infer) in which Elvid told him to bring something that belonged to Goodhugh. However, when I first read it, I took it to mean Dave would have to bring him money, like a down payment, since Elvid said he only really cared about money. I really had to backtrack and piece together why Dave took him the pill.

Did anybody else find this part of the story clunky (perhaps a little too reliant on that good ol' reader/writer ESP), or did I just read it too quickly and/or gloss over something?