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    Originally posted by Xiabei View Post
    Why was the ending of "Cell" not included in the book?

    But seriously... I'd ask what happened to him as a young teen that's he's kept buried all these years?
    He likes to leave the ending out a lot. It pisses me off. I think cell is the only novel I have noticed so far. Most of them are short stories or in the case of the mist, a novella. These two, the mist and cell, stick out the most for me along with the raft...I was particularly angry with that one. Cell too, the mist not so much because I tend to think of the movie ending which is much better IMO.


      I'd ask him - "You wrote those Twilight novels, right?"
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        Ouch! Do you ask him that before or after you stab himwith your No. 2 pencil?
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          Originally posted by srboone View Post
          Ouch! Do you ask him that before or after you stab with you No. 2 pencil?
          Oh definitely after - I'd want to hear the denials!

          With my bloodied, splintered pencil raised to the gods - leaving approximately half embedded in his right eye - I scream to the encompassing crowd, "The King is dead! Long live the King!" A wave of shock pulsates through their blank faces until his offspring, Joe, deftly empties his gun of 45's into what is technically classed as my heart.

          Okay, Meds time again!
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            Originally posted by misery chastain loves co. View Post
            Picture finally get to meet the man in run into him in Bangor(aka Derry) Maine, or a book signing..or win the lottery and pay for some dang time with him! What is the first burning question you ask him?

            (I apologize if this has been done already but hey, if so, I missed it so please answer again! )
            I would ask Stephen if he was ever afraid of one of his characters that he was about to write about. I have a character in a story that I am writing that is based on an experience I had years ago. I found myself writing the short story, but I realized that I was doing it in a clinical way. I have written technical reports in the past and recognized this. My husband thinks it is because I am afraid of the character in the story. I would love to know his response.